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What to Do If You Are Missing Your W-2?

Did you get your W-2?  If you have not:

1.  Contact Your Employer.  Most employers can provide you with a copy within 24 hours


2. Contact the IRS if you haven’t received your W-2 by February 16


3. Call us for Assistance



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Our firm provides a full array of tax and financial services to individuals and small businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Whether you are an individual with a need for personal income tax return preparation or accounting, a business in need of income and sales tax preparation and filing or consulting, we are dedicated to serving you.  Superior service at competitive rates is just a phone call away!




  •  Professional, accurate and timely tax services
  •  Accounting and bookkeeping  services
  • Small business consultation and development
  • Professional mentoring
  • Financial Crisis Recovery (personal or business)
  • Affordable hourly and flat rates







Grigsby Finance and Tax Services brings over 32 years of finance, accounting, cash management and tax expertise to you to assist you in achieving your personal and professional financial goals.


Mittie Grigsby,

an enrolled agent, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from California State University, Hayward.  She built an impressive career and reputation in the Bay Area working for local and national retail giants such as Gap, Inc, Mervyn’s, The Nature Company, Inc. and Crescent Jewelers, Inc.  At the peak of her corporate career, Mittie achieved the level of Chief Financial Officer for two Bay Area corporations.  She successfully managed one of these corporations through financial difficulties to a multi-million dollar recapitalization.


Mittie has served on the Board of Directors of the Alameda 4C’s and is now an active advisor to the board.


Mittie now wants to be YOUR personal Chief Financial Officers.  She brings her exceptional analytical, managerial and problem-solving skills to her own firm to help individuals, families and business owners achieve financial success.  She is affiliated with legal, financial and other professionals throughout the Bay Area to ensure she brings you, her client, the most talented team possible to fill your needs and ensure your success.  Mittie is the quintessential business and tax specialist for the 99%!  She wants to help you…


                                                                                       …because your money matters!



Do You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise?


An offer in compromise may allow you to settle your tax debt (state and/or federal) for less than what is actually owed.  If you cannot pay your liability you may qualify for an offer in compromise.


The OIC process can be long, tedious and confusing.  This process is not for everyone.  Work with a qualified professional to be sure you are eligible before submitting your offer.








• Earned Income Credit

• Lifetime Learning Credit

• Child and Dependent Care Credit

• Adoption Credit…

• …and more



• Standard Individual Deduction

• Gifts by Cash or Check

• Charitable Contributions


Ask about credit and deductions

for business owners!





Are You Receiving all the Credits and Deductions You Are Eligible To Receive? There are a variety of credits and deductions for individual taxpayers to take advantage of:

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