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What to Do If You Are Missing Your W-2?

Did you get your W-2?  If you have not:

1.  Contact Your Employer.  Most employers can provide you with a copy within 24 hours


2. Contact the IRS if you haven’t received your W-2 by February 16


3. Call us for Assistance



(510) 638 - 4878



  • Professional, accurate and timely tax services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping  services
  • Small business consultation and development
  • Professional mentoring
  • Financial Crisis Recovery (personal or business)
  • Affordable hourly and flat rates




Many services are available for a flat fee; not ‘never-ending’ hourly fees that can hurt the profits of a growing business or the personal “pocket-book” of the individual!  We understand the growth needs of your business because we have been where you are!  All potential clients receive a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation (one-hour) during which we get to know and understand you and your objectives.


Tax Return Preparation and Planning


Strategic planning with the goal of maximizing your tax savings is within reach.  We prepare accurate and timely Federal and State income tax returns and related schedules for:


• Individuals

• Small Businesses

• Sole Proprietors

• Partnerships

• Limited Liability Corporations


Tax Problem Resolution

• Power of Attorney Representation

• Audit Counseling and Representation

• Offer in Compromise

• Delinquent tax filings


Accounting Services


A full range of accounting services are available to ensure the accuracy of your financial records.  We are available to provide:

• Record keeping

• Financial Statement Preparation

• Audit Preparation

• Cash Forecasting

• Budgeting

• Sales Tax Filings


Consulting and Mentoring Services


Sometimes you just don’t know what you need to do to get to where you are going.  Our consulting and mentoring services are designed to assist you in identifying and developing  your strengths as we work with you to maximize your personal or business profits.


• Small Business Start-Up and Development

• Success Mentoring  for Men and Women;  Corporate Players or Entrepreneurs

• Personal  and Business Financial Crisis Recovery







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